Tete Blue Granite Quarry


The Romantic Blue is the trade name adopted for the Blue coloured granite from the quarry in Tete Province, Mozambique. The deposit is covered under an exploration license extending about 2,689.73Ha.

The existing quarry is situated 150 km from Tete and at a road distance of some 700km from the Port of Beira. The Romantic Blue is an adamellite composed of blue quartz, potash and calc-sodic feldspars, with subordinate biotite. Texture is coarse and fabric is (locally, strongly) gneissic. From the commercial point of view, two varieties have been differentiated, according to the predominance in feldspars of the pink or of the greenish hue.

At present, the Company is in the process of obtaining a mining concession for this quarry, and thereafter works will focus to the development of an open cast hill peak quarry.
All of the quarry sites are easily accessible, with early production possible.





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