Lalaua Iron Ore Mine


The Lalaua Iron ore mine is an operational iron ore mine in the Nampula Province of Mozambique. The ore is a high grade, and high specific gravity magnetite ore with typically 65%+ Fe content. The specific gravity of the ore ranges from 4.5 to 5.1, making the ore suitable for both the steel market as well as the non-steel market.

DFL processes this ore as iron ore fine and lump using dry screening and dry magnetic separation processes.

This ore can be used as a high density aggregate for making heavy concrete for offshore applications requiring concrete with negative buoyancy properties and for onshore applications such as radiation shielding.

Well known uses of heavy concrete include counterweights, civil construction, offshore applications for underwater gravity based structures and for pipecoating, etc.

Both road and rail options are available for the transportation of the iron ore from the mine. The Iapala Rail Head, where the newly rehabilitated railway line from Tete to Nacala is at a distance of 55km from the mine. The ore is shipped for export from Nacala Port, Mozambique.





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