We understand the need to act in a socially responsible way and endeavour to make a lasting and positive impact on the communities in the regions where we carry out our activities.
We try to effectively engage with stakeholders who are either directly or indirectly impacted by our activities early during and throughout the regulatory process and communication with the communities is of paramount importance to us for looking to gain community support and maximise their economic development.

Our key philosophy is to act with integrity, transparency and honesty and mutual respect whilst engaging with the various stakeholders.

The economic and social benefits accruing from our projects be it improved infrastructure or access to medical facilities, or helping farmers gain easier access for their products to markets has been recognized by the community and the local government. Our social and community based activities in Mozambique have included rehabilitation of roads, carrying out health camps, construction of a football ground, construction of playground for nursery school, donating clothes to the needy, and assisting with roofing for local schools.

With an effort to improve community relations between Mozambique and India, we also supported the making of a documentary set during the cold war in which the main character is Late Aquino De Braganza a Goan by origin, and a confidant and advisor of Late Samora Machel who played a key role in Mozambique’s and freedom and its baby steps in a free world. The documentary can be viewed here:

The team of the Production unit also met a community in Catembe that every year celebrates the feast of S. Pedro, an important feast celebrated in Goa. The visit to Catembe was well received and was an excellent example as to how the people of Goa have integrated so well in Mozambique.


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