Montepuez White & Grey Marble Quarry


The Company has been licensed an area of 610.5 Ha in Montepuez, Cabo Delgado Province, Mozambique, for exploration and prospecting of marble, where the dimension stone industry had lain dormant for many years.

These quarries promise an exciting palette of colours of marble from white, through a variety of greys.

This marble is easy to polish. All of the quarry sites are close to the main highway and have good logistical conditions.

The quarry is some 4 km from Montepuez District town and connected to Pemba port by a 205 km tarred road. Nacala Port is at a distance of 430 km.

The Company is in the process of obtaining a mining concession for the area with a view to commence trial production and export of marble blocks from the deposit in 2018.

The main commercial varieties of the crystalline marble historically mined from the Montepuez region are as below:

White Marble

  • Branco I – Absolute White colour – first quality
  • Branco II – White Colour – Second Quality
  • Branco III Anilado – Veined/Banded White -Grey
  • Branco IV Tipo Corrente – Yellowish/Brownish coloured

Grey Marble

–     Cinzento I  – Grey Course Banded

–     Cinzento II Listado – Grey Fine Banded

Additional names used to describe different varieties of grey marbles from Montepuez are Montepuez Bruno,Montepuez Cinzento Claro,Montepuez Cinzento Escuro, Montepuez Cinzento Branco,Montepuez Cinzento Light,Montepuez Cinzento Dark, Montepuez Cinzento Vergado, Montepuez Dark Grey, Montepuez Light Grey.




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