Milange Iron ore project


Iron Formation of Metamorphosed sedimentary (“Lake Superior-type”) origin, i.e. Itabirites is found within the Prospecting License in Milange District area in Mozambique, in at least nineteen different sites distributed as lenses in a NNW-SSE zone 12 km long and 1.5 km wide. The individual mineralized bodies have different orientations spanning from NE-SW to N-S and NW-SE. The exploration at this prospect is ongoing, and preliminary data shows great chances of the prospect becoming outstanding resource.

The geology of the area is characterized by Precambrian terrains of high metamorphic grade such as granite gneisses and granulites intruded by Pan-African pegmatites and Phanerozoic dolerite dykes. The iron occurrences consist of lenticular bodies of near-pure haematite with magnetite interlayered within granite gneiss and granulite horizons. It is reported that the country rock is also injected by dolerites, syenites and pegmatites.

The area was investigated in the year 1943 by A. Borges and A. Ramalho Correia by means of trenching and drilling (40m deep). The chemical analyses over 28 samples displayed an iron content of 68.18% and the ore was considered as being of good quality.

The Deposit lying on the Mozambican side of the Mozambique – Malawi Border is approximately 3 kilometres from the nearest point on the railway line in Malawi. The railway line is currently being rehabilitated by the Central East African Railways (Malawi) and is likely to be completed by 2018. Rehabilitation of the railway line, which connects to the Nacala Development Corridor, will open doors for the company to transport the iron ore for export by rail to the Nacala Deepwater port, from where DFL already carries out iron ore export.

The Proposed Macuse Port is 350 km by road from the iron ore deposit. The future Macuse port is likely to have onshore and offshore port facilities and will be constructed on 1,000 hectares (2,741 acres) of land, while the entire development will have access to 22,000 hectares, and is strategically located giving freight advantages for mineral exports to India and other regions.
DFL is in the process of acquiring about 100 hectares of land for their own mineral terminal for exporting iron ore from where iron ore will be loaded onto barges and shipped through panamax and cape size vessels loaded midstream.




Nearest Airport

Maputo International Airport Maputo, Mozambique – 1800 Kms by Road


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